Thursday, November 17, 2011


Over the summer we were able to take some much needed vacation. 
Does anyone else miss summer yet?
Anywhoo… One included a trip to Angel stadium. 

I know I have talked about it before, but the boys LOVE baseball. To see the look on their faces, the joy and anticipation.... It melts my heart. This trip was also Kinley's first baseball game. Here is a few pitures

Waiting for daddy to get his ticket

Gloves on and ready for foul balls

Girls just want to have fun

"Here!!! Throw the ball here!"

Warming Up 

A nice relaxing game for dad!

Don't worry, one day you'll grow into it.


  1. very cute! We've yet to take our kids to a major league game...but we're big baseball fans and we can't wait!

  2. I miss summer too!
    Great shots, though...looks like a lot of fun!