Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Never Ending Story

*Before starting Enough Faith For Today, I had tinkered with another blog... This is one of my favorite posts from that! Enjoy!

I have to admit, my home puts a bad taste in my mouth. We bought the "house of our dreams” 3 years ago, and I had expected it to "complete" our family... Instead, it has become a never-ending time sucker. The 3000 square feet is ALWAYS needing something from me... "Clean Me, Wash Me, Love Me" I hear creaking from the walls. It seems I finally complete one task only to find 3 NEW ONES waiting for me on the other side. 

I have NEVER been a good keeper of the home. It is just something that never comes easy to me. So I decided to do what any good procrastinator planner does, put off cleaning learn the proper tools by reading some "how to clean" books.

I had been hearing of a book, 31 Days to Clean, Having a Martha House the Mary Way, so I decided to give it a try.  Although (it seemed) slightly juvenile, the 1st day recommended to ~ Write a list of Why you are SPENDING PRECIOUS TIME cleaning... What is your MOTIVATION? Isn't the husband's obvious displeasure and the want for a bug free home everyone's motivation? But since my "skip to the next task before finishing the first" PROBLEM had gotten me to where I was, I was gonna give it a go...

WHY? Why do this thing? Why continue this thankless task that will ALWAYS get the best of me. Why fight this fight that I will NEVER WIN?

So, Here is MY WHY LIST:

1. To honor God in my home
2. To teach my daughter the skills and techniques I never had (sorry mom)
3. Because it is a 'love language' of my hubby
4. To simplify my life
5. To spend less time looking for things (and taking the frustration of not finding it out on my family)
6. To fall in love with my home again

And my Mission Statement:
To be a light in my home, that when in our home Christ's light has the ability to SHINE and not be muffled by chaos. 

 I became really excited for the upcoming process. I was excited to bring the shine back to my home. I then decided to list some of the things I LOVE about my home:

Our front yard climbing tree
A backyard with a view
Th ugliest recliner you’ve ever seen
That rocks babies perfectly!
Home Rules ~ A gift after we had the twins

My own personal coffee bar
The perfect shady spot for hydrangeas

I love when my daughter reads this verse…
It seems to be when I need it most

 I know that this will be probably be an ongoing struggle for me. But hopefully, through planning and prayer, God can be glorified in my home…. And maybe I can get a happy hubby from the process too!

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