Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hand Me Down House

Last week I was complaining discussing with my husband about how I felt like we were living in a college dorm… Our house was littered in hand me down things - a mish-mash of thingsfrom friends, family members, neighbors, random garage sales… Lots of stuff from all over… Most of which had been given to us because someone else either didn’t need, OR DIDN’T WANT… Either way, they had ended up in our house. Another thing for me to display and dust.

I have to say I love this about My God. He seems to Delight in kicking me in my rear and getting me out of my own head…

I was in prayer (trying to talk God in to making my husband buy me a new dining room set ~ is that wrong?) when He brought this to me… My house isn’t a house of junk, but a house of memories. When I look through my house, I am reminded of relationships, of the people who love me. I am brought back to moments in time, I recall conversations, times I was comforted, supported and encouraged.

All these things, are not that at all ~ they are a MOMENT in time that can stand still because I have the memories that come with them. Here’s a peek at some of my favorites:

A box I purchased from a garage sale
and a candy bowl from Keith’s Aunt.

An antique cabinet and peg rack from my
mom-in-law she no longer needed after her
bathroom redo.

A shelf from my mom-in-law that
 I use as a bookshelf adorned with
 books her and my mom have given me.

The little couple was a wedding gift to my in-laws…
They then re-gifted to me.
The baby sleeping album a gift when my daughter was born.
All on a hand me down table.

My Great Grandma O’s chair and sewing kit~
She always made the most amazing
Thanksgiving Stuffing!

My Great Grandpa’s wash board ~ counting my blessings
I was born AFTER washing machines were invented.

An antique settee and oriental rug
Another hand me down from the in-laws.

My Grandma’s silver tea set. I don’t get to see her nearly
 as often as I’d like
so it’s a little piece of her in my living room.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above.”
 James 1:17

The Shabby Nest


  1. i love all of these! sometimes i look around and wonder if there's anyway to make my house look more old and cozy. i like new furniture, but the old furniture and items bring memories that can never be replaced :) happy friday friend!

  2. i like this post :)
    my house is the same way. but think -- no one can go and copy your exact style. you're an original ! beautiful stuff

    you could always sell what you don't want on craigslist or the like to pay for the table you want