Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mother of the Year

An old post I happen to LOVE ~ 

So in the last week I have had some "incredible" achievements in my Mother of the Year attempts...

1. I LOST my son at Disneyland
2. My daughter went to karate with no shoes
3. I made the kids their bowl of cereal, with sour milk
4. I have yet to catch up on all the laundry from vacation. I have, however, caught up on all my reality TV

5. He went to bed with his feet looking like this

6. I told my 6 month old to "leave me alone for a minute" because I was updating my blog!
7. I have called my boys by the wrong name too many times to count (and couldn't tell them apart in a few pictures)
8. I ate all the ice cream and then told them it melted

9. I couldn't answer one of my Kindergarteners math problems

10. We have eaten out EVERY day this week (obviously meal planning not going well)
11. I let my baby suck on a lollipop in the car to keep her quiet
12. LOST my new pair of sun glasses. Hope someone is enjoying my new Tory Burch's... UGH!
13. I nurse nightly for a really long time so I can catch up on my WWF games 
                (KimberleeHaag ~ hit me up!)
14. I have told my kids to "be quiet" more than I have told them I loved them

No applause necessary - just another day in the life of a "wonder mom!’ 


  1. Kim - you are cracking me up!!! Its better just to admit it all, isn't it?? It works for me xx

  2. Oh my gosh, you are so funny! I've so been there. Thanks for the laugh. : )

  3. Actually you can read my friend's annual Mother's Day posts from the past few years of her top women mommy moments for a good laugh...

  4. These are hilarious! It's so nice to hear about non-wonder-mon moments