Friday, August 12, 2011


I am very tired, and cranky ~ and don’t really have much on my brain but this - I MISS SLEEP! True, 12 hour, before kids, 9:00-9:00, sleep.

Last night the baby was up ~ ALOT. The night before Kaleb fell out of bed. Before that a sleepover with cousins meant not much sleep for mommy.

So, since my brain ain’t working right, I thought I would skip out on the wordy posts today and show you some pictures instead… And who doesn’t love pictures of sleeping babies!

Happy Friday my friends

life rearranged
*I felt the need to leave a disclaimer 
~ the top left pic is not an Instagram, but it was just so cute I couldn’t leave it out!


  1. I have sleep on my brain, too. Cute pics!

  2. aww precious post! i love these pics. i have no littles yet, so unfortunately i can't fully understand where you are, but i'll pray for divine strength for you for today and this weekend :) happy day friend!

  3. Girl, I totally hear ya! I was getting so messed up that the hubbs and I had to literally schedule what time I need to go to bed (like a little kid!). So now my bedtime is supposed to be 10.30 pm ... I did it for a couple of days, but you know... =) .. But girl, sleep some!!!! =D

    Thanks for following, I'm following ya, too!



  4. Love all the sleepy heads! Beautiful pics!

  5. i am tired too! and these pics are precious!

  6. Great pictures, especially the baby with the HUGE bow! And Oh my Gosh can I ever relate to the lack of sleep. I miss the blissfull 12 hour sleeps, too!

  7. Adorable sleeping baby pictures!