Friday, August 5, 2011

Why can I never look at the camera?

I always know if Jami at  Call Me Blessed is doing it, you can bet it is gonna be fun! So, when I read her blog post about this I had to join in! 

I am NOT a headband wearer ~ which is funny considering I MAKE them! So here I am modeling some of my latest creations! Hope you love!

BTW ~ Am I the only one who has a phobia of looking DIRECTLY into the camera? What is that about?

Be sure to take a little trip over to Little Miss Momma and join in on the Head Band Challenge! 


  1. You look fab wearing your creations! You should do it more often! And I totally agree with the looking directly at the camera phobia ;)

  2. hehehe so cute!!! they are even better handmade!
    xox dana

  3. I love all those headbands.
    I am actually having a super cute hair accessory giveaway now at my blog. make sure to enter for your chance to win.

  4. I also have a slight phobia of camera looking, the hubs is always like "Honey! Look AT the camera!" Cute headbands, I really like them.