Friday, September 30, 2011

This and That

This week in pictures:


Gettin’ Ready

A little water play
{yes that is grass in her mouth - what can I say, she’s my 4th}

A frog hunt

More Laundry

Start of BASEBALL season

A few lightning storms

Some Birthday Cake

Even more laundry

More Baseball


life rearranged


  1. It looks like a fun filled week!! I can so relate to the laundry...sometimes I think everyone should only have enough clothing for one week!! Wow, that would make doing laundry so much easier and quicker ;)
    Trying to get caught up on blog reading and just wanted to say hello!!

  2. Your kiddos are precious! The sky in that one photo is amazing. Coffee, yes, lots and lots of coffee :)

  3. Oh your mu friend!!! Why?? because of your last pic!!! haha!!! Coffaaaaaaaa!!!!

    You got some real blondies!!! Funny how they start like that and in their later years it gets darker!!!

  4. How old r the twins and what happened if you don't mind me asking? Blessings upon you family as they walk this road!

  5. Love all of your pics Kim. And will the laundry ever get done, sheesh. ;)

  6. Your kids are so, so cute! I get the frog hunt thing. My boys would join right in with your boys!

  7. My girls room looks almost like your first picture but only 10 times worse. Seriously. I can't keep up with them.
    Your little boy gettin' ready is adorable!
    And I'm afraid to have a 4th child.. I've become so lax with my 3rd that a 4th will probably do me in and send me to an early grave :)
    I love to see little pieces of your day!