Monday, October 3, 2011

Poor Baby

Baby girl has had a little cold this week…

It all goes downhill fast!

But, a sick baby means lots of cuddle time…

A special thanks to my dead dear husband for snappin’ this shot!

And on a different note,
Isn’t it amazing how God can use His people to bless you,
on the day YOU need it most?

I have the best friends!

Heading to Disneyland today

So excited for PinterTEST Kitchen on Thursday at:

And my 1st

“Introduce Yourself Here” Guest post on Wednesday
{Did you see some of the lovelies posting? I am giddy}

It’s an exciting week! 


  1. SO excited about the test kitchen, right?!! :)
    i worked on mine yesterday!

    and have a great day in disneyland!

  2. Oh, I hope your sweet baby is feeling better. I love Disneyland sooo much. We used to have passes. I miss it! Have a great time!

  3. I had a sick little one this week too. I always feel so bad for them and it's so hard on us Mama's too. Lucky you going to Disneyland! I miss having a pass.

  4. Poor little sweetie!

    Have fun at Disney! My best friend's there, too!

  5. sick little ones is SO HARD. I understand.
    But yay for D-land!