Friday, October 14, 2011

Happiest Place on Earth


One of my FAVORITE places on Earth. As soon as my feet touch Main Street, I melt. The tears come down, and it takes everything in me not to cry ~ UGLY CRY.


Disneyland has lots of memories for our family. 
My husband and I have been coming every year since my daugther was born, 
We would do ANYTHING a little princess would like to do.
It was also one of the last times I got to see my nephew this side of heaven.
We celebrated his life a year after his passing by coming as an entire family.
And the last time we were here, we LOST Kaden.
{I will share that story a little later with you all}

With all that being said, we had such an amazing time. 
I love the memories made here.

Watching Keith with the boys makes my heart melt. They LOVE and RESPECT him so much. It melts my heart.

Kelsey is a natural mom. She nurtures Kinley as if she were her own daughter. Watching this relationship grow is so special. I constantly pray that the remain close. 

My last baby. This was actually Kinley’s 3rd trip to Disneyland. I know she’s a spoiled little girl! 
Before I know it she will be twirling in a princess dress too. 
Before I know it, she will be twirling in her wedding dress.
I want to hold onto these special moments forever.


  1. The kids outfits are adorable. I love the story of how your whole family went there to celebrate the life of your nephew. It makes me want to cry, it is just so sad and yet sweet at the same time.

  2. Ok. the kids outfits..I love!! The photos are so cute Kim! And I do the same thing when walking onto main many emotions. We use to live in Celebration which is right there by Disney and we had a lot of fun while living there. Love that you guys' had a great trip. :)

  3. Disneyland rocks! We use to go three or four times a week when th boys were small. Now they are in school. Miss it a lot. Thanks for sharing the great pics.

  4. Your family is adorable! I love those outfits. So sorry you lost your nephew...I'm off to read his story now.

  5. Oh my goodness...what a tragic story for your family. You're so brave to tell his story...and you're right, you are saving children's lives by sharing it.

  6. You have a beautiful blog that I know is honoring the Lord!!! Thank you for visiting our blog too!!

    I read the testimony of your guest blogger and all the trials of faith, wow, what a story of faith!!

    where is your story about your son, i didnt see it?



  7. precious family!!!
    hooray for disneyland!! xo