Monday, October 10, 2011

Introducing Jamie @ Snow in December

My life as a stay at home mom isn't what most would call exciting, 
but to me, the excitement really never ends.
I'm up at all hours of the night nursing my ten month old girl,
staying in shape running to the potty with my two year old boy,
playing taxi service driving my five year old daughter to and from kindergarten,
acting giddy when hubs gets home from work,
and relaxing for a few minutes every day while the little ones nap.
That's when mommy blogs.
I see my family as my immediate mission field.
I see Jesus staring back at me when I look into my childrens' eyes.
I view my blog as a place where I can share the glory of God to whoever is willing to read a few lines.
It's also a place where I share the "excitement" of my life as a stay at home mom.
And lastly, a place where I share my attempts at humor, writing, and creativity.
I blog about light-hearted things, like girls nights and  food and crochet.
I blog about tough stuff, like miscarriage, depression, and loss.

It's my hope that God will use my blog to encourage those who visit.
Stop by and say hello. :0)


Oh, Jamie! You are a true gem! Your blog keeps me laughing and feels like I’m “At Home.” Thanks for letting us get to know you a little better.

Be sure to visit Jamie at Snow in December
And more Introduce Yourself Here” posts all month long!



  1. i adore jamie! she has been reading and commenting my blog for a while, but i just discovered last week that i wasn't reading or following hers. so glad to get all linked up ;) she is so sweet!

  2. Kim, I THOUGHT I had you scheduled for 5 AM, but when I just checked my blog I realized you weren't scheduled until something like 7:54 PM! Sorry! I fixed it immediately, and you're live on my blog. :0) Only 4 hours late.

    I love your GP and I hope my readers will enjoy it, too! XO

  3. Oh, I love Jamie! I find her blog very inspirational! And nice to meet you too...I left a comment for you over at her place!
    Look forward to reading more about you :)