Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Introducing Vanessa @ Pure Joy and Adoration

Hi, I'm Vanessa and I blog over at pure joy & adoration about my handsome firefighter, my two precious boys, God’s work in my life, and the things that interest and inspire me. Thank you so much Kimberlee for letting me share what is on my heart today.


Life is living in the fast lane. It speeds by us in seconds and if we don’t stop and enjoy where we are, this very moment, it will leave us in the dust.

My firstborn is turning three on Friday. He’s my cowboy, my little firefighter, my monkey, my little smart cookie. Preparing for his birthday (yes, this is like a milestone to me, I had to prepare for this! Every year is a milestone these days) has opened my eyes and made me think about where my time is spent and what my days are made of.

Last week he finished learning the alphabet with the letter Z. My son knows the entire alphabet and is always pointing out letters he recognizes (which is all of them) everywhere we go. I didn’t teach him though. I almost am embarrassed to admit that. Almost ashamed. It wasn’t me. It was his sitter. But I'm a busy gal. I am a full-time working mom to two little boys. I won’t bore you with the self-pity I had felt when I compared my life to all the stay at home mamas I read about on the blogosphere, but I will say: we aren’t suppose to compare our lives to others. God has me working out of the home, full-time, providing for my children this way because it is what He has called for me in this season. I will rejoice and be glad in it. I will make the most of my calling to be a working mother and I will glorify His name in doing so.

At times I beat myself down for all that I don’t get to do with my boys, but I just need to remind myself what I do get to do with them.

I read with them, we watch movies, we go for walks, we visit daddy at the fire station, and I teach them about this world that God has created. We pray, we sing “Jesus songs,” we read Bible stories, we go to church, we thank God for the beautiful sky, the stars above, and our family we love. I let my oldest help me clean or take care of his little brother. He is learning, he is exploring, and he is interacting with others. I may not be able to spend several hours with him everyday teaching him letters, numbers, and colors, but I am there for him when he needs me and I am singing him his ABC’s as he brushes his teeth or pointing out letters or playing “I spy” with him about his colors as we drive home from the sitter’s.

This is the very place God wants me to be. I need to constantly remind myself that I do get time with my boys. It’s what I do in that time that counts, that matters most.
Recently I read about “attending” rather than playing or instructing with my children. It asks for us to simply play with our children. Give them all of our attention and let them direct how to play. If they do something a way we don’t agree with, we are to not correct them. It is their time. It’s their element. It’s their moment to shine for you, their mommy. So we did just that and it was absolutely wonderful. I conducted the train as we sat inside his pop up train tent. We took turns. He read me a book inside the tent. He had me use his tools to fix the train. He fixed it too. He was absolutely the happiest little boy playing with his mommy on that Saturday morning. (and there was no whining. Wink. But that is completely aside from this.)

Our children are what our lives are made of. They matter most to me, along with my firefighter. Training up my children in the way they should go, being super mommy, and giving them my all is what my life is consumed with these days. This season of my life is exactly where I want to be, and how perfect is that? God wants me right here too. I may get so wrapped up and busy in life with the day to day routine, trials, and chores, but I have put this reminder at the forefront of my mind and on my heart: My family matters the most to me.

I am far from being the best super mommy in this world, but I continue daily, through all the whines, little fits, giggles, and sweet kisses to strive and be the woman God has called me to be.

Are your days filled enjoying your children or is your focus elsewhere? Are you focused on being the woman God has created you to be? I pray each and every one of you will set your eyes on our God and focus on where He wants you to be in this season of your life and who He is calling you to be for your family.

So when your child wants to listen to his cd while in the car or wants you to read a book, stop whatever you're doing and let him enjoy that time with you. Don't let these precious moments pass you by. They'll be gone in a blink of an eye.

Much love, Vanessa


Dear Vanessa, 

You took what was on my heart and put it to words. I am so thankful you decided to guest post here. I needed to hear this at this moment. You are a true woman of God and we are blessed to know you better. Thanks for the reminder to be “in the moment.”

Stay tuned all month long for more “Introduce Yourself Here.”


  1. Thanks Kim for introducing Vanessa. Im going to head over to her blog and visit her.

  2. Amen!! I feel that as a mommy, my "ministry" is my kids right now. Great guest post!