Thursday, October 27, 2011

A request for prayer

My dad’s cancer is back… For the 4th time.

He’s had radiation.
He’s had multiple surgeries.
He’s survived, he’s healed, he’s been in remission.

But it is back again. And he has run out of options.

With all this being said, this is not a post about praying for healing. Although I would love for him to be healed. I would love for him to somehow survive and be able to give all the glory to the ONE who saved him.

I would love that.

But that’s not why I need prayers. I need prayers for his salvation. My dad is not a believer. He doesn’t know the love of God. He doesn’t know that He came to earth, died for our sins. He doesn’t know that his Heavenly Father loves him, that he is PERFECT in His eyes.

I ask you my friends, please pray for his salvation. Pray for his soul.

Death doesn’t scare me. I KNOW where my eternal resting place is ~ in the arms of Jesus. But, I don’t know HOW I can bear the loss of my earthly father and not KNOW that I will get to spend eternity with him soon enough.

Thank you sweet friends. I will keep you all updated on his results. XoXo


  1. Oh, Kim...I'm so sorry. I will pray.

  2. Oh my goodess Kim, I am so sorry to hear that. Knowing that a loved one is suffering is so difficult but even more difficult is knowing that the loved one is not saved. Oh my friend, I will be in constant prayer for him <3

  3. sorry to hear this difficult news but thankful for your Godly perspective. i will be praying!

  4. oh man, i hear your request Kim.

    my heart hurts for you, for him.

    i pray that God might heal your dad.
    for His glory. and your dad's good.