Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A dozen eggs

There is a lesson in everything... one of my biggest regrets is allowing those moments to pass without using them to their fullest potential.

So this morning, the kids wanted to make eggs... Which always turns out to be a mess, and honestly, I didn't want to do. 

But the WHINING got the best of me and I allowed them to crack their own eggs...

And this became a lesson of GRACE...

Mom didn't huff and puff at the mess... Instead we laughed and cleaned it up... BOY, that was EASY!


I am sure you have all heard the EGG explanation of the TRINITY. Although comparing the amazing power of the Holy Spirit to an egg yolk could be considered almost~blasphemous... but I was so glad that He reminded me of this little lesson at this time. I don't know that they retained (or understood) most of what I told them... But I think God was GIVING ME this moment. 

Reminding me that I am a good mom... I am doing a good job...  And My Father approves. 


  1. I love moments like this. And isn't it funny how you tried teaching them lessons on how to crack open eggs, yet they ended up teaching you far more, with the loving help of God? :)

  2. Good for you for letting it go. I don't think I've even let my 8 year old crack an egg. I'm, control freak? Yep. : )

  3. What a great reminder, Kim...that's an AHA! moment for sure. Thank you for sharing :)

  4. hi friend, so glad to be catching up with you! Yes, you are a wonderful mother and our heavenly father would approve I'm sure :)
    knowing myself as I do, I would have gotten caught up in the stress of cleaning and the whining that I wouldn't have done it. so sad :(

  5. This post put a smile on my face.