Monday, December 5, 2011

Prayer Request

I have been missing my blog. Checking up on my friends and seeing what is happening in your worlds. I’ve been disconnected. I feel disconnected.

Right now things are hectic. My dad started radiation this week and is on his way as I type this for a tracheostomy. A cancerous tumor is closing in his windpipe, making it impossible to breathe. My heart breaks for him.

On top of that I came down with a nasty cold so the kids and I have not gotten to spend any time with him. He will be starting chemo soon and can’t afford to get sick. Many of you have been so diligent to pray for him and email me to see how he is doing. Thank you… He needs prayer so please continue to lift him. I wrote a quick post on his situation here.

I have lots to type, but right now getting the words out seems to be too much work.

Thanks for your continued support.



  1. Your dad, mom, you and the rest of your family have been in my prayers! I love you all so much!!! XO

  2. My heart always hearts when I read about your dad. Praying.