Thursday, August 2, 2012

quick pic’s

Well since my most recent photos are lost in cyber space...
And my phone won’t sync with my computer…
And I’ve somehow misplaced my camera’s battery charger…

Documenting life via pictures is a little difficult these days.

Hoping to remedy that soon. But I know you are all DYING to see me,
(humor me, will ya)
so I figured we’d have a little PhotoBooth fun

Yes, I’ve gone BLONDE
and short. 
Hair tends to be the first thing to go when things get crazy. My husband may argue and say it’s my mind. But I’m going with hair.

Kelsey is as beautiful as ever.

And KinKin won’t stop growing.
 I keep threatening, but she doesn’t seem to care.

And the boys. Well, apparently they are TOO COOL to have their picture taken with mom.


  1. I love your blonde hair! I've been wanting to go blonde (never have!) and your little girls are beautiful :)
    much love.

  2. I want your hair. I tried one and I looked like Einstein. My hair gets curlier when it's short. Haha

  3. you look wonderful! i love your hair :)
    and your girls are just so cute..
    so glad you are back to blogging! :)